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Consigli di lettura_Dicembre 2010

suggested reading for the month of: December

Dear readers, unfortunately

the month of October was a month a bit 'weak Reading Case Study. And I expect that it will also the month of December ... however, we shall see.

In October, I read two books. Only one of these

recommend it dispassionately at all, and it is:

" The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield


Margaret Lea is a young antiquarian bookseller who over the years spent with the father of pages and volumes immortal oblivion buried, has cultivated a quiet passion for literary biography in which it engages from time to time. His predictable life is turned upside down one day by a letter as enigmatic as peremptory: "The hour has come. Come Monday with the train of four and a half. I'll send a car to get to the station in Harrogate. Vida Winter." This is the invitation with which Vida Winter, elusive and charismatic writer at the end of his days, inform Margaret of her investiture in his official biography. After many hesitations - why her? will meet the expectations of one of the greatest living writer? - The young side to the island mansion of the elderly author. Overcome not only their strengths but also the sharpness of his difficult interlocutor, Margaret is going to work at last, being haunted by the events of the immediate family and the fate Angelfield story of a mysterious Vida Winter has never wanted to post ... The Thirteenth Tale unfolds before your eyes so the reader not only to spend the tempestuous lives shrouded in secrecy, but also the complex, intense friendship between two women of different generations behind the magic of narrative fiction, they will find one another truth about themselves, which never could have come from the sun.

This is my quick and very personal comment :

A debut novel pleasant and modest

This is the story of several generations of one family.
's the story of a house reduced to ashes, a library and its ghost.

"The Thirteenth Tale" is a book that reads easily with a very fluid narrative style.
not pretentious. The story is well constructed. It is certainly not the masterpiece of the century, but unconvincing.


The Thirteenth Tale *** (3 stars aNobiane)

--***---***---***---***---***--- ***---***---***---***---***---***---***---***---** *--

My second reading for November was:

"The Odyssey White "

The adventure of a man and his dog in the far north Canadian

Nicolas Vanier


On December 13, 1998, Nicolas Vanier departed from Skagway, the Pacific Ocean, with the intent to reach less than one hundred days in Quebec, the Atlantic Ocean, aboard a sleigh pulled by his dogs through the Canadian winter. With his dogs Vanier faced blinding snowstorms, has stayed close to them to win the freezing temperatures of the night, risked losing them and miraculously recovered. Thanks to his dogs, his courage and solidarity of the inhabitants of the forests and villages visited, Vanier was able to complete his business in 99 days, 11 hours and 57 minutes. A breathtaking adventure for all extreme sports enthusiasts and nature.

Here's my comment :

no emotion as it should

I was very excited to read this book, but immediately began disappointment.
- Characters just outlined
- Speeches jumping stake in Frascati
- Low narrative fluidity

good thing is that I learned some new term, including those as simple as the "mushers" or the driver of a pack Dog Sled:) Belle
some descriptions of the snowy landscape e del carettere dei singoli cani, in ogni caso mi sono sembrate fine a se' stesse. Il Vero pregio di questo libro è quello di raccontare una storia vera per questo 3 stelle, invece di 2.

Senza ombra di dubbio preferisco il Nicolas Vanier regista.

Consigliato solo a coloro che apprezzano le cronache di avventure.

L'Odissea bianca*** (3 stelline aNobiane perché è il racconto di una storia vera)

Fine ^_^


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